Senior Data Analytics Developer

ID #: 24-00287

Job Location:   305 Franklin Street, Columbus, Indiana 47201, and various unanticipated worksites throughout the U.S.


LHP Data Analytic Solutions LLC seeks a Senior Data Analytics Developer in Columbus, Indiana, and various unanticipated worksites throughout the U.S. Telecommuting permitted 100% of time. Duties: lead, contribute and support design, development, testing and implementation activities for implemented customer stacks (web, API, databases, cloud, AI/ML); solve complex technical development problems and delivery needs; work with customer product management and leadership teams to develop and implement solutions; complete and drive development requirements from product backlog; lead the development of product roadmap and user stories collected from customers; apply industry best practices and common applications for technical capabilities across multiple business domains (manufacturing, supply chain, corporate finance, health and safety, facilities, human resources); train customers on delivered solutions; communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders; design and integrate data sources to be leveraged in descriptive, statistical and predictive analysis; design, create, modify, maintain, test and review analytical scripts, modules, data preparation and models; design, communicate and lead visualizing and leveraging data gathered from real-time and operational data sources; apply analytical techniques to visualization and outputs; synthetize descriptive statistics for material and process flow improvement.


Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent degree) in Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or related field, and 2 years’ experience in a data analytics development position. Included within the 2 years of experience, a qualified candidate must have acquired experience in the following: using programming languages (C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, or TypeScript) to develop applications, build scalable applications, and integrate source, legacy and connected systems; SQL databases and queries to save versions and update customer data; leading digital transformation and integration of legacy connected systems into web APIs written in ASP.NET Core, Flask, Django, or Spring Boot; cloud architecting (AWS, Azure, or GCP); building CI/CD pipelines and using DevOps automation tools (Azure DevOps and Jenkins); building full-stack web experiences from data layer to front end using modern JavaScript libraries (Angular and React).

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