LHP Drives Smart Manufacturing Standards For USCAR

USCAR recognized a need to standardize data connectivity and the integration between systems throughout the global automotive supply chain. USCAR asked LHP to provide the leadership and expertise needed to benchmark and develop industry IIoT standards.

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Improve Efficiencies To Grow Your Bottom Line

Escape unplanned downtime. It is inefficient and unprofitable. By partnering with us, we can lead the way to connect legacy and new technologies effectively across your teams. 

We quickly identify the inefficient gaps in operations to unlock hidden insights and deliver continuous improvement that enables higher profits.

Download our latest case study to see how we created a new global standard for USCAR.

You tell us where you want to go. We fill in the how. Let’s start this journey together.  

LHP Has Deep Expertise In Manufacturing Facilities

Our team has developed deep expertise working alongside global manufacturing operations for over twenty years. We understand the most common disconnects that happen – and how they impact your bottom line. 

We work hard until we implement solutions that solve critical weaknesses. Our agnostic approach to technology allows us to adopt and adapt to your existing technology stack and data architecture to provide solutions that are as seamless as possible. This process ensures you see measurable success without unnecessary expenditures.

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As a true partner, we are eager to understand your current and future goals. Our strategy session provides us both with an opportunity to know each other and collaboratively identify the best starting point. Let’s start by identifying attainable wins together. Our philosophy is simple: Start small, think big, and deliver on every promise. Contact one of our team members below and let’s get started. 

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You tell us where you want to go. We fill in the how. Let’s start this journey together.  

Meet the Team

The LHP Data Analytics & IoT Solutions team, a division of LHP Inc., is driven to shape a connected world. We provide exhaustive services to help customers harness data to enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Ayush Patel

Full Stack Developer

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Data Analytics, Data Science

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Telematics Engineer

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DevOps, CI/CD, Full Stack Developer