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LHP Analytics & IoT and JHDD

Business, Racing and Staying on Top

Success in business, just as in Racing, depends on identifying, analyzing the right datasets and optimizing processes, to increase visibility, allowing for a holistic view of your Organization's strengths, weaknesses and the ability to make better Informed decisions, faster!   

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must be vigilant in their pursuit of ensuring the right people, processes, procedures, and data driven insights, are in place, to maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

Data-driven insights, from both micro and macro levels, lead to optimal performance and is crucial for sustained scalable success.

In racing, just as in business, winning starts before the race begins.  Knowing you are well-prepared with the right information, people and strategies allows you to run your race from P1, not the back of the pack.  

With the right partner, this seemingly monumental task, becomes an exercise in learning to lead from the front and staying there. 

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A Partnership Built on Success

The LHP team is incredibly excited to be entering our second year in partnership with JHDD.  

Celebrating their Third Championship Winning Season, 2020-USF2000, 2021-IndyPro 2000, and 2022-F4 US Championships, Jay Howard has added his name to the short list of Championship Winners, both as a Driver and now Team Owner.

Our partnership came together quickly, as LHP’s experience in engineering solutions to help provide the insights based on actionable data analytics and Jay’s realization that as a Team Owner to continuously improve, he needed the right partner to ensure his drivers, mechanics and engineering team, have the right data sets to make better decisions, faster, and stay on top. 

We are committed to help JHDD stay on top of the podium by ensuring all 15 of his Drivers, across the Road to Indy, NXT, and F4 Series, have the right set ups to be 80% ahead of their competition, before each race starts.  The same way we strive to deliver value with every client, we have one goal in mind- to design solutions allowing for faster insights into the right data sets, visualization of optimal standards through connected systems, and development of event driven feedback loops, to stay a lap ahead of the competition.

Turn Your Data Into Actionable Insights!

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