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3 min read

LHP Recognized by Indiana IoT Lab in State of IoT Report

LHP Engineering Solutions is honored to be included in the 2020 Edition of the State of IoT Report, produced by the ...

3 min read

Augmented Reality: A Real Use Case

What is Augmented Reality??

Augmented Reality, and its cousin Virtual Reality, commonly referred to as A/R or AR and...

5 min read

Is Platooning the Future of IoT in the Trucking Industry?

Do you remember years ago a toy train set that could be connected by magnets? The magnetic pull would force each...

4 min read

Big Trucks - Big Data: The Use of IoT in Truck Platooning

Continuing from LHP’s recent post on truck platooning - “Is Platooning the Future of IoT in The Trucking Industry?”,...